Speed system

Sales of building systems for building SPEED exposures.

SpeedFloor was developed as a solid and at the same time well- priced raised floor for fairs, tradeshows and exhibitions. But it can be also used in bureaus, for in- and outdoor events or for stationary and temporary projects. The SpeedFloor wooden sub- construction is adjustable from 120 up to 200 mm high. The height of the aluminium false floor is adjustable from 80 to 120 mm. For your projects SpeedFloor is available as rental (starting at 10.- /sqm/use) or purchase (starting at 79.- /sqm) option. Optionally 1000 x 1000 mm plates are available. All prices plus VAT. SpeedFloor is sturdy and extremely sustainable. Depending on the planned use the basic grid can be filled with more cross-ties according to the given loading. In this way it has a capacitance of 1,500 kg/sqm. SpeedFloor consists of adjustable feet, frame parts and plates. Without need of additional parts and special tools SpeedFloor is simply put together and in doing so stabilises itself: SpeedFloor is set up, adjusted and ready for use expeditiously. Due to the easy and intuitional handling, everyone can set up SpeedFloor. Its stability and its adaptability to the given localities is made pos-sible by its continuously adjustable height from 80 up to 200 mm. That is why SpeedFloor is the reliable, flexible and universal base for every temporary construction project. For the covering of the subconstruction standard chipboards or self-mounting 1000 x 1000 mm plates can be used. The possibilities for the use of SpeedFloor’s surface and lipping are endless. Because you are not bound to system parts in your choice of materials a wide range of floor coverings is at your disposal: timber-, metal-, textile- and synthetic-plates. Your fantasy are no boundaries set. The self-mounting plates are available with attached lamination. SpeedFloor is even adequate for tiling. That is how SpeedFloor in combination with SpeedWall and SpeedShop realises superior show- and presentation-rooms.







SpeedWall is modular. The wall modules can be combined in any way side by side and upon each other. Continuously adjustable heights (up to 9 m) and width. The corner profiles admit 11,25° measures. SpeedWall is enormously flexible that allows a great latitude. With the square column the continuing set up in the horizontal is just as flexible – for skeleton framing of ceiling and room. The elements of SpeedWall are simply put together with assembly springs. There is no need for special tools or knowledge. Everybody is able to set up SpeedWall. The 100 mm twin wall system for excellent logistics: electricity, electronics, telecommunications – the elements of SpeedWall gather all of it and provide fast access at any time. It’s not a problem to lay conductions or more power sockets ex post for example. Furthermore the elements gather displays, spots, light, boxes and many more. SpeedWall can be covered with graphic panels on both sites. Here you have endless possibilities: 5 mm HDF mounted with Velcro tape, 8 mm decor panels or acryl with backlit. Endless fabric graphics over several wall frames without any interruption are a special highlight. No limits to your creativity.

Curvy walls: the new curved SpeedWall frames make it happen – your perfect curvature. With supersonic speed you build with seamless printed fabrics and solid up to 100 m in a row. SpeedWall is above the average. The new curved frames with radiusses 500 and 1.000 mm are a nice additional new feature for the SpeedWall system. It can be combined with up to 100 m seamless fabrics or formed foam panels. And even here we follow our main principle for SpeedWall: biggest possible flexibility. One frame for all cases: fabrics, panels or light box. Fast, simple, solid and every time a little bit different.







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